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Eggs should be taken daily, rustic. And it is better to be familiar with the owner of the chicken personally. Lemons should be thin-skinned and very juicy. Wash the eggs thoroughly with hot water and soap. Wash the lemons and cut them into small pieces. lemon-egg tincture In a 700-gram jar, put all the products so that the eggs are completely surrounded by lemons on all sides. When laying lemon pieces, you need to tamp them well. lemon-egg tincture Close the jar with a lid and put it away for 2 weeks in a dark, cool place (not in the refrigerator). The jar can be left in the kitchen, if it is not very hot. The very next day it will be seen that the egg shells have begun to foam and become loose. lemon-egg tincture After two weeks, the shell should completely dissolve, and only the protein and yolk, enclosed in a film, remain from the egg. If this did not happen and the shell did not completely dissolve, then the lemons were low-grade. Pour the whole mass into a bowl, remove the eggs. Squeeze the lemons well; throw out the pomace. There are two ways to deal with the remaining different eggs. Either pierce and mix the egg yolk with lemon tincture, or just throw it away. In the first case, the liquid turns out to be excessively vigorous and nasty. Store the resulting tincture in a jar with a lid in the refrigerator